Yoga Self-Practice - How to practise yoga without being told what to do!

Yoga Self-Practice - How to practise yoga without being told what to do!


Have you ever rolled out your yoga mat at home and then felt stumped as to what to do or where to start?


Yep, me too! So I thought it would be helpful to put together a workshop with some practical advice on where to begin and how to develop your personal yoga practice.


When we first experience yoga it's important to be led by a teacher, to make sure we understand what to do and how to practice safely. But once you've been attending classes for a while, you'll probably want to bring some elements of yoga into your daily life. So in this workshop I'm going to help you establish a personal at-home yoga practice.


What to expect in this 90 minute session:

  • We'll start with a chat about self-practice - what it means and why it's important
  • I'll explain the different elements to include in your self-practice (types of poses, breathwork, meditation/savasana)
  • I'll tell you about my 4 methods of self-practice
  • For the final 45 minutes we'll get on the yoga mat and move. There will be the opportunity to do your own thing, or to follow me.
  • We'll end with a long guided relaxation in savasana


You don't need an 'advanced' yoga practice to benefit from this session - as long as you've attended yoga classes for a while, this is for you :)


This is the recording from a live workshop so you will also hear some of the attendees asking questions. If you have any questions after watching the recording, please ask me at

  • What do I need?

    • Grab a notepad and pen and find somewhere comfy to sit as we will spend part of the session chatting about self-practice.
    • Wear yoga clothes and have your mat ready, as we will spend the second half of the session moving through poses together.
  • How will I access the workshop?

    Your order confirmation email will contain a download which has a link to the workshop recording as well as a Spotify playlist which you might like to play for some calm background music.